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    How to make Filter 1 show the value corresponding to my selection in Filter 2?

    Chris Ma

      Hi all,


      I have two filters - Filter 1 and Filter 2 (All dropdown type). Filter 1 is the product type: whether it's laptop or smartphone. Filter 2 is the specific model: it could be iPhone or Mac or Dell etc....that belongs to only one of the product type.


      Question 1:

           If I start by select iPhone in Filter 2, how can I make Filter 1 automatically show "smartphone" instead of "All"? If it shows "All", I need to open the dropdown list and see what product type it is that is not the most convenient. Even though I removed "All" values, it doesn't show the "smartphone" unless I open the dropdown and select it.


      Question 2:

          If I make the product type Filter 1 as a Single Value List (radio button) and I start by select iPhone in Filter 2, the Filter 1 doesn't automatically check "smartphone" - it just show smartphone unchecked (I have chosen "only show relevant values"). I need to check it which is very counterintuitive.


      Really appreciate any help.


      Best regards,