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    Waterfall chart on multiple measures

    Gopi Chand

      Hello All,


      I  have a requirement to build waterfall chart on multiple measures and got the help from one of consultant and achieved that (Attached is for reference).


      Now, I stuck in one area where I need to involve few quick filters to this waterfall chart those who already part of other charts in a dashboard (waterfall chart also part of same dashboard).

      When I'm trying to apply those filters to waterfall chart I'm not seeing waterfall chart in available applying sheets list. Hence, I added those filters (dimensions) to the dummy data source (where I have built the waterfall chart) and provided relationship to them but still not able to see the waterfall chart in applying sheets list (I able to see the orange link enabled).


      .TWBX file was  225MB hence not able to share here however I tried my best  to give few screen shots (please see the attached PDF).


      Appreciate your valuable help on this.


      Calling Shawn Wallwork, Pooja Gandhi, Jonathan Drummey, Bhujang Hundre


      If my query is making confuse please feel free to reach out me at any point  of  time.