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    Can you create a group in an aggregated measure?

    Conor O'Brien

      I am trying to create a bar chart that shows both a SUM point for an individual products price and and the AVG price for all the selected products!  I have created a simplified worksheet to show my problem.


      Tableau is automatically aggregating all the selected data as it does by default, this isn't giving me my desired results for the bars in my chart as it is aggregating both the totals for the Pineapples and Bananas. However what I would like it to do is to sum Bananas and Pineapples separately for each year and then get an average of the sum totals of the products. 


      Is it possible to create a group for each product  to do this or does anyone know of a better method ?


      P.S for some other reason it does not allow me to synchronize the axi..