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    Updating a Published Data Source...

    Shawn Wallwork

      I created and published a Custom SQL data source that was a live connection to IBM DB2 database. All works fine. Unfortunately because of the structure of the DB I have to update the data source each month (since a new table is created each month, so I roll off the 3rd one back and add the new one for current month). I do this by editing the Custom SQL. When I switched from a live direct connection to a published data source live connection, I assumed that updating the published data source would be easy by following the steps in this KB article:


      Editing a Published Data Source | Tableau Software


      [Note this is the most current one I could find. Updated just 10 days ago.]


      Here's the problem: The 'Replace data source...' option is greyed out, for both data sources.


      I've tried:

           1. Following the steps exactly.

           2. Publishing the copy and then trying the replace.


      Neither worked. Also the copy of the published data source does NOT include any of the calculated fields included in the original original published data source connection.


      What am I missing? What's going on? Ideas?





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          Stephane Marx

          Hi Shawn,


          Before going into further details, you can try:

          - "extract data" to create a local extract. Make the modifications you want and then untick the "use extract" option before republishing on the server


          - duplicate the data source and then see if the replace option is still greyed out. If this works you can then follow the steps listed in Editing a Published Data Source | Tableau Software

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            Jeff Strauss

            hi Shawn.  try placing a field onto the viz which tells Tableau which datasource is active and then it should let you do a replace datasource.


            As an alternate idea, have you considered creating a script that updates the under the covers XML to point at the new table?  does the new table have a uniform name?  there may be an option here.  I have done this to update a parameter within a published datasource.

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Thanks for the reply. Neither suggestion worked, sorry to say. I finally just had to revert to a version of the workbook that was pre-published data source. And rebuild from there. Won't be trying to update/use published data sources anytime soon.





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                Jeff Strauss

                are you sure that you're trying out my suggestion accurately?  here's some screenprints of a test I did.



                Replace data source - grayed out - the canvas is empty





                As soon as I drag a dimension onto the canvas, then the replace datasource is ungrayed out.


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                  Donna Coles

                  I've only got a few minutes so can't give fuller answer, but I think yo uneed to download the data source from the server, then open the data source in Tableau desktop, then choose Edit Data Source, where you should hopefully see a familiar looking screen like you had when you first created it....  Do what you need then republish data source back to server

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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    I use a process like Donna:


                    1) Connect to Tableau Server data sources.

                    2) Use the hidden download button to download the source (it's a tdsx for an extract):

                    Tableau automatically connects to that source.


                    3) Edit the source, regenerate extracts, etc.

                    4) Republish the source. Note that we have to be careful about the Project and other settings, Tableau doesn't retain them for downloaded data sources the way it does for workbooks.



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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Thank Donna, those are the steps I followed. The issue is the Replace part, which is required since you can only download a copy of a published data source.





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                        Shawn Wallwork

                        Jeffrey, my 'Neither suggestion worked' reply was to Stephane's suggestion. (Jive didn't post your suggestion until just now.)


                        I suspect you are right that the original issue was that I was attempting a 'replace' while on a blank worksheet (great to know). Unfortunately, as I was troubleshooting I hit an even weirder snag, where I could log on to the Server in a browser, and I could log onto the Server in Desktop, yet when I attempted to edit the data source T would ask me to log on again (even though I was already logged in both place), but then kept telling me my username and/or password were wrong.


                        Since I actually had to get the project out the door, I just bailed and reverted to a previous workbook with a non-published data connection.


                        Jeffrey, thanks for clearing this up for the next time I hit this issue.





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                          Kenneth McBride

                          Hey Shawn,


                          Regarding published data sources, I've been successfully using them for a couple years after having unsuccessfully used them for a while before this and I can say the number one tip I give others is to keep a "hosted" data source workbook. For every connection/extract that I've published to server I keep the original in it's own hosted data source workbook so I can quickly make changes or refresh the data and then publish it again over the existing tableau hosted data source. This allows you to skip the need to replace any data sources as the dashboard workbooks continue to point to the same tableau hosted data source.


                          Regarding Jeffrey Strauss' post about placing a field on the view first, that fix works for me as well.



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                            Donna Coles

                            Jonathan - I didn't realise you could 'downlolad' a data source from within Desktop.  I tend to go to Tableau Server, download the data source, save locally and then open in Tableau Desktop.  That way the project and schedule details are all retained when you republish back to the server.

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                              Ira Skop

                              I've come to the same solution, Ken. Glad to have that approach reinforced. Thanks.