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    Display one or more columns

    Seb Bec

      I have a table that contains multiple columns A, B, C,....etc

      How do I create a filter where I can select one or more  columns to be displayed (e.g. A, D and E)?

      I am using TB 8.3

      many thanks in advance

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          Ying Sun

          If your columns are measures, move measure names in filters shelf and show quick filter. Then you will have the filter to select which columns you would like to show.

          If your columns are dimensions, move this dimension in filter shelf and show quick filter.

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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Seb Bec,


            Did you get a chance to use Hierarchy concept. This concept will help you to solve your issue.


            Assuming you are using the superstore sample, create a "Location" hierarchy using Region, Country,State, Postal code


            Drag Location to the columns shelf and sales to the rows shelf to create a bar chart.


            Create a dashboard and drag this sheet to it.


            To perform the drill-down:

            1. Move you cursor over Central, it shall highlight grey

            2. Double-Click so that just Central will be shown.

            3. Place your cursor above the 4M mark on the X axis, a small 'plus' icon shall be displayed - click-that

            4. Now you can see that you are now drilling into a specific data-set

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              Hi Seb,

              If you want to show list of columns (dimensions) to have to show as a filter in that case you can create with below steps:

              1. Create parameter with list of dimensions:

              2. Create a calculated field as:

                   CASE Parameter

                   When "Dimension 1" then Dimension

                   When "Dimension 2" then Dimension


              Drag this calculated field on to the column shelf and right click on the parameter and select show parameter control.

              Drag measure values onto the rows and right click on it and select show quick filter or filter.

              So based on the parameter list you can select your dimensions with measures, but  parameters are only single value selections.

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                Seb Bec

                Hi Tharashasank

                Your suggestion is great and I can use this.  The only downside is that I can only display the
                columns in a sequential order, in other words, If I only want to display  column "C" then I have to display
                "A" and B" then "C".

                I cannot select just "C" (or depending how the hierarchy was created) or if I want to compare "A" and "C"

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                  Seb Bec

                  Hello Kumar,

                  I tried your suggestion and this is the closes I need.  It works great.

                  Just a question.  Is there a way two display more than one columns at a time.  the parameter filter does not offer check boxes

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