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    How to apply a filter in just one measure?

    Luiz Rover



      I have the following scenario (attached) to be applied to the same sheet. After filtering a Product Group (single) and Product (single and group member), i need to view:


      Country, Region, State, City  | Total Product sales | Total Group sales | % Share Product in a Group


      By filtering the Product, I can not get to the Group Total sales anymore.


      Using the product as a parameter is not a way out, because the list are not updated dynamically and cannot allow only relevant values.


      Blending means doubling the extractions. The dataset is quite large and the real scenario is extremely complex. Mentioned example is simplified totally.


      Level of Detail also tried, but the filter is applied before anything.


      Split the sheet and join in dashboard is not a good option because the scroll bar of a view is not synchronized with the others and calculate the % still a problem.


      In practice, i need to "filter" without filtering effectively, being able to capture what are the selected Product and use it conditionally in measure.


      Some ideas?