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    One of the worker VM is down. Need Experts server admin suggestions

    Hitesh Bhanushali

      Hi, Need urgent help! Need Experts server admin suggestions


      We are in dilemma where one of the worked node (VM) went down last night and currently whole site is not reachable as we STOPPED the server from primary using tabadmin STOP command. We have 2 workers. One is fine.

      Since VM is in locked state, it will be until Monday that windows server team will restore it back.

      We want to know what would be the best way to get Tableau up & running at this point with 1 node. Can we go ahead & configure from primary & load everything on worker 1 ? When I last did tabadmin STOP , it did not successfully stopped on worker 2. It Did successfully stopped on worker 1.

      I will attach the screen shot of our configuration server.


      Please let me know if any further details needed.

      Please advise…