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    Making a date infinite

    Hillary Lincourt



      I have a Gantt chart that shows the time a person has been a student, faculty or alumni - a person is reported in a single row on the Viz transitioning from student to alumni.  Our dataset has a row for each year a person was a student or faculty so that part of the Gantt chart is straight forward. These dates (visually) are discrete, meaning there is a beginning and an end.  For Alumni, the dataset only has one row, the year they became an Alumni.  I'm looking to visualize alumni as a continuous date, beginning with the date associated with the Alumni record.  Is this possible?  I would expect the Gantt bar to end at the current year (ex 2016) for all Alumni.



      Person 1     Student     2010

      Person 1     Student     2011

      Person 1     Student     2012

      Person 1     Student     2013

      Person 1     Alumni     2013

      Person 2     Student     2010

      Person 2     Student     2011

      Person 1     Alumni     2011


      I want the Gantt bar for Alumni to be from 2013 - 2016 for Person 1 and 2011 - 2016 for Person 2.


      My thought is to use some type of <=date for Alumni but I'm not quite sure how to get started.


      I appreciate any ideas!


      Thank you,


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          Dave Hart

          Hi Hillary,


          if you start the gantt bar at MIN(Year) and then you calculate the length using an IF statement that checks the Type (Student/Alumni)

          something like this



          this. checks whether the type is an alumni and uses the year part of whatever todays date is, otherwise it uses the max(year)



          hope this helps