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    REST api and single sign on

    Cheenu Mu

      We have tableau server setup with active directory authentication.

      (Our application is a Java/Swing client, we display user selected view via a browser swing component).


      We want to retrieve the list of views from tableau server using Java (or server-side javascript).

      REST api needs a username and password, the application has no access to password.


      We are aware that trusted ip ticket cannot be used with REST api.



      Any other way this can be achieved ?



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          Jeff D

          Hi Cheenu, it sounds like you're trying to create the equivalent of Tableau's web portal but customized for your users.  I don't believe there's a way to do this but it seems like it would be useful.  You should post this on the Ideas forum.

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            Cole Shelton

            Hi Cheenu,


            You are going to need a mix of both the JavaScript API and Rest API to make this work.  To access the Rest API you are going to need to use a user/pass to login.  With our applications we designate a user account for this purpose and use it throughout the applciation.


            I would pull the list of workbooks from the Rest API and then display those to the user in your application.  Once they select a view you can then use the JavaScript API to embed that view in your browser component.


            Good luck!