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    Aggregation issue with IF/CASE statement

    Harnish Patel



      I am having trouble creating a calculated field, where my the values will not aggregate when the differentiator is removed.



      CASE attr([Month]

      WHEN "Jan" THEN ([Total]*(1.035))/[Den]

      WHEN "Feb" THEN ([Total]*(1.0375))/[Den]



      When I add the [Month] pill in the rows, the values are correct, but when i remove the month pill, the result is blank. I've tried wrapping them in sum functions/Total functions/etc.


      Any ideas what may be happening here?


      Thank you.


      I am trying to create a sample workbook to share, but i'm not even sure which level of fidelity is causing this. Does anyone know how to anonymize entities and accounts?


      Thank you all!