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    user authentication

    Amanda Loo


      I have configured  user active directory initially but realised not all users under same domain. There is also no option for me to put in different domains.

      I need to reconfigure using local authentication but HELP says that I cannot do the switch.

      Please advise if possible and how can I restart the configuration ?




      Select whether to use Active Directory to authenticate users on the server. Select Use Local Authentication to create users and assign passwords using Tableau Server's built-in user management system. You cannot switch between Active Directory and Local Authentication later



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          Hi Amanda,


          You have no other route apart from reinstalling the Tableau. The Authentication is set only once at the time of installation.

          Tableau provides an option to import the users from multiple domains. The domains should be trusted muatually. I imported the users from multiple domains in my environment.



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            Amanda Loo

            Hi Gopinath,


            Thanks for advice.

            If I were to reinstall, the license thing will not pose any problem, is that right ?

            Is there any other impact that I need to take note ?

            Please advise.




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              Hi Amanda,


              Your license will not impact if you use the same machine. I would suggest you to take complete backup of your Tableau before you uninstall and reinstall even though tableau restore it automatically.



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                Atul Yadav

                Hi Amanda,


                You have option to add multiple domain in Tableau server and leverage the other domain user. Referred this link "Adding Active Directory Domains | Tableau Software "

                Note :- Two-way trust between domains is required.


                If you want to switch from AD to Local authentication, you need to reinstall the software.

                Following below steps.

                1, Take backup using tabdmin backup command.Back Up the Tableau Data

                2. Uninstall the current software.

                3. install the software using new directory path. if you choose same path, you will not able to change configuration.


                More details Modifying Tableau Server Authentication Method | Tableau Software


                License will not impact if you are doing this on same server.



                Atul Yadav.


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                  Toby Erkson

                  Make a backup of your Tableau Server:  tabadmin backup

                  Save the backup on a network drive or other system drive (just being cautious here).

                  Uninstall Tableau Server.

                  Delete everything that is Tableau Server from your server!  For example, if you installed Tableau Server to the default location at C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server then delete the folder "Tableau Server" and then delete the folder "Tableau".

                  Install Tableau Server.  When re-doing the configuration form REMEMBER TO USE LOCAL AUTHENTICATION!

                  After the installation is completed you will then perform a tabadmin restore --no-config using the backup you created above.  This insures only the data will be restored and NOT your Server configuration settings...like Active Directory


                  This exact same process works for going the opposite direction as I once did an update and forgot to set authentication to Active Directory

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                    Amanda Loo

                    Hi Toby,


                    Thanks for support.


                    I have some issues on re-installation.

                    Successful to backup, uninstall, delete all the Tableau folders.


                    During re-installation, I specify new path for installation.

                    Original : C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server

                    Reinstall : C:\Program Files\SENZ\Tableau\Tableau Server


                    When it comes to configuration,  User authentication is not editable, I am unable to update to Local authentication.

                    I then close the configuration screen and then run the command


                    tabadmin restore --no-config


                    Thereafter, I am still unable to edit User authentication from Tableau server configuration

                    I only have C drive in this server.

                    Does the new path need to be outside program Files?

                    Please advise? 






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                      Toby Erkson

                      During the uninstall process Tableau makes a backup (this is normal).  It would appear that during the "new" install Tableau is somehow finding that backup; this is part of the normal install process so, to me, it seems that the automatic backup is not being deleted.

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                        Hi Amanda,



                        I know you might have already done these before but I could help you with the steps if you can do it again


                        Since you already have the backup of the server I don't suggest to take the backup again.


                        1. Uninstall Tableau from Programs and Features

                        2. Delete the Tableau Folder from C:\Program Files\SENZ\ (in your case).

                           You can also delete the original path if you still have it C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server

                        3. I'm not sure if you have done it before. Delete Tableau folder from C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server.

                           The folder Programdata is hidden mostly. Unhide it and delete the Tableau Folder. Make sure your backup is not in these         locations.

                        4. Now start reinstalling Tableau Server. It can be in Program Files or any other new location.

                        5. Restore your backup file with tabadmin restore --no-config C:\yourbackup\tabserv.tsbak

                        6. Restart (tabadmin restart) the server once you have successfully restored.


                        Hopefully you should see an option to change your configuration now.


                        Please let me know if it works.




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                          Amanda Loo

                          Hi  Gopinath,


                          I have followed the contents from this link and success to fix.

                          Modifying Tableau Server Authentication Method | Tableau Software