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    Global date filter on dashboard usable for multiple sheets

    Mike Sohns



      I'm having some trouble with the attached workbook. I'm trying to visualize logs generated by machines in a manufacturing company. These logs contain a date and time, the machinename and the status that the machine had on the given date and time (green means good, red means bad, white is just empty space). I generated a timeline based on the date and time of these logs so you get a good overview on when a machine is and isn't running. The screenshot below shows a group of machines of which the logs are generated from (btw i'm dutch). Works perfectly.



      I then added in another data source, that shows which productionorder is produced on a given date and time. I added in some calculations so you get to see the length of an order based on the minimal startdatetime(column) and maximum enddatetime (column). Based on the timeline of the machinelogs it shows the orders that were produced in that time.












      I added both sheets in a dashboard, so that you get an overview of when an order was produced, what the machine logged and why, for example, order 12204185 took such a long time to produce (as you can see, there were some malfunctions in machines 65 and 66).


      My question is, is that i want to have a global date filter that adjusts both timelines based on the input I give, I can't seem to get it working. If you use the dateslider 'Datum/tijd fact export' you'll see that only the sheet 'Fact export 2' will adjust, but will only remove the logs in the other sheet 'Produplus logs' that are not in range. It doesn't adjust the timeline axis to only show the range that is given in the dateslider. Another thing that would be great, is that the timeline of both sheets would have the exact same date and time length, so that it's really easy to match the order to the status of a machine. I tried adding reference lines which kinda helps, but if you change the date slider to something else, the reference line stays on it's place resulting in a weird timeline.


      If you have any further questions, let me know


      Thanks in advance,


      Mike Sohns