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    Make set default to Show Members In Set

    Adrian Lee

      I have some sets configured for groups of questions from a survey.  I'm using guidance from Creating a Filter Using Sets  to set up my dashboard so I can use a parameter to change which set is being displayed.


      The problem I'm got is that those the mechanism for changing the set is working, whenever it changes set the set defaults to showing in/out of set, where as I want it to show the members of the set (this is why I'm using sets not groups).


      I can't see any obvious way to make it default to Show Members In Set?


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      Added for an explanation of the attached workbook.  It's a simplified version of what I'm working on with heavily altered data.

      The full dataset includes various equalities characteristics and other questions, I want to be able to set up a dashboard with worksheets covering each question and allow the person viewing it to choose which equality characteristic they want to view.  It's going to get somewhat messy but is the best way I can think of at the moment.


      The first worksheet (sheet 15) shows what I've got so far, you can use the parameter to change between Q1 and Q10 and the sheet updates, but it doesn't spit the set into members.

      The 2nd worksheet (sheet 16) shows a non-dynamic version of what I want.  it's just showing the Q1 set split out by the members of the set.

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi adrian,

          if you add parameter selected data then set it will work fine.


          Please attach the workbook here.




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            Adrian Lee

            I've edited my initial post to attach a simplified workbook with altered data.


            Not sure what you mean by 'add parameter selected data'.

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              Michael Winblad

              I was hoping some solution to this problem would be in the forum.

              If you mean by "parameter selected data" using a parameter to specify the contents of a set, I have done that.

              In my sheet, I have defined a hierarchy that includes Employee Team and Employee. I am getting the number of occurrences (number of records) as a bar chart extending from each employee.

              I want the sheet to show the rolled up team numbers when the hierarchy is collapsed and the team name and employee name when the hierarchy is expanded.


              Here is my problem. When I define the specifications on the Rows with the hierarchy expanded I chose "Show Members In Set" This then shows the chart exactly as I want it.


              If I collapse the hierarchy to move to the team level and then expand the hierarchy again, the employee set column changes to "Show In/Out of set" Since everyone is in the set, which is why the parameter is being used, I get one line (IN) for each Team.  As yet, I have not been able to find a way to prevent the column from reverting to Show In/Out of set.