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    Count Table Calculation HELP!

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you well.

      On the attached I'm having an issue I know the Tableau Forum Community can help me with!


      I'm trying to calculate the number of [Payer] by [Sales Office] that have at least $25,000 in the > 30 days bucket.


      I wrote the following table calculation called [Count Table Calculation]:

           countd (if [> 30 Days] > 25000 then [Payer] end)


      This seemed to fix my problem, however when I checked the source data, I found an error. I think what my table calculation is doing is looking at a line item level to see if the [Payer] has 25,000 in the >30 days bucket.


      What I need my formula to do is look at my table calculation at an aggregate level. For instance, I would expect Payer 1125 to be included, however since no line item is >25,000 it is not.



      Your help and time is much appreciated!

      Cheers, Mikey