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    Why does Tableau Desktop work with MS Access DB and SharePoint List as linked table and Tableau Server not?

    Egor Larin

      Hello community!



      Some time ago I found that workaround how to work with SharePoint List via Tableau! Yes, I know SharePoint List isn't supported data source.



      And now I'm trying to use that one with Tableau Desktop (9.2.2)  and Tableau Server (9.2.6). SharePoint is ver. 2008 and I can't use OData because of old version of SharePoint


      So my scenario is exactly the same that described in the doc before:

      • Create MS Access database with Linked Table to SharePoint List
      • Publish MS Access to SharePoint Site
      • Give all permissions to Tableau Server account (I've tried with Read Only and Full Rights)
      • Connect Tableau Desktop to Access DB published to SharePoint. You are able to do it. You can create charts and work with data
      • After publishing workbook with live connection to Access DB Tableau Server is showing you loading circle for a long time. So it can loading for ages without any error pop-up
      • Even if you create the extract from that Access DB Tableau Server is not able to run the Update and fails with timeout error (720 seconds)


      So my question is very simple:

      Why does Tableau Desktop can fetch the data from that kind of connection (SharePoint List as linked table in MS Access DB) and Tableau Server not?

      Am I doing something wrong? Is it still possible to use that connection? Or it is impossible because of architecture of Tableau Server and I can forget about it and create an Idea request?


      Does anybody know how to solve that problem?



      Thank you for any suggestions!