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    How to synchronise the axis?

    Dyna Lee

      Hello guys


      I would like to have the value of the 2 axes synchronised [A]. Could you please tell me how to do that? The Option in Tableau can't be Chosen [B]


      Thanks a lot and best regards



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          Steve Taylor

          Hi Dyna


          Sometimes you can't synchronise the axes because the data type of the two measures is different. Can you check if they're both integer or float? if they're different you can create a calculated field to convert one measure so they do match.


          That's the first thing I check.





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            Rohan Malusare

            Hi Dyna,

            For synchronize the axes the data type need to be in same format, if your data format is same you can follow the below steps:-







            try this.I hope this will solve your problem.



            Rohan Malusare.

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              Dyna Lee

              Dear Steve


              I have the measure DELAY



              if [communicated delivery date] <> [real delivery date]

              then 1

              else 0




              The bar Chart uses the measure DELAY > SUM(DELAY)


              Then I copied the DELAY measure > AGG(DELAY COPY) > I Need the average value for the delay.


              But somehow the average value is completely wrong. Which calculation should I use to receive the correct average?


              Best regards

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                Steve Taylor

                Hi Dyna,


                The original question was about synchronising axes, if those are your two calculated fields I'd wrap the calculations with the INT(<your calc here>) function so that both measures are the same data format, then you should be able to synchronise the axes.


                It's difficult to say what average is correct without being able to see your workbook or know what it is you're trying to show. Is there a way you can anonymise your data or replicate the situation with superstore data and upload a twbx file here so I can try and help?




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                  Steve Taylor

                  Hi Dyna,


                  Could you create an extract of your datasource (right click on datasource and select Extract Data) before saving as a twbx please? I can't access the live connection you have in the workbook because I'm not connected to your Oracle server so can't create any calculated fields.