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    How to add filter to calculated field

    Anuj Saxena

      Hi Mates,


      I have query execution time in mins and secs in my DB.I have a requirements where I need to show a drop down filter in my report having statements like "Between 0 to 10" and  "Between 11 to 20" and so on.(As shown in pic).I have created a parameter having list with these statements. But I am not able to use this in calculation field.Please help me using filters in calculation field. According to my requirement when I select "Between 0 to 10"  from drop down. It should show me data having execution time between 0 to 10 min and so on.Means report data should change according to the selection made in drop down.

      Drop down should be like this-


      PFA the workbook for feasibility.Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.