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    Looking for a way to hide menu action

    Sören van Dongen

      Hello there,


      i am looking for a way to hide a menu action conditionally.

      See the following image:



      One data entry could refer to either the item or the location and has fields for both types which are either set or null.


      E.g. :

      Entry 1:

      Id: 5

      ItemId : 5

      LocationId: NULL


      Entry 2:

      Id 6:

      ItemId: NULL

      LocationId: 6


      I created dashboard actions so that clicking on the menu forwards you to another dashboard.

      At the moment both entries appear all the time and i would like to know if i can make one of them disappear conditionally depending on what type the entry is through the use of a parameter / dimension that i add to my data source.


      Thanks in advance!