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    Dateparse not working ...

    Niko Suomi



      I used an awesome website where I can get my last.fm data out in a .csv format.

      When I tried to take the data to Tableau, it works fine - except the date. Well the date-field is not well formatted. When I tried of using the dateparse-function, it did not parse the field correctly, alltho' the manual says it would.


      So the date-field is like this:

      09 Apr 2016 16:57


      Tried to parse it like this:

      DATEPARSE ("dd MMM yyyy H:m", [date])


      The date field is already a string, so I did not re-string it on the formula.

      Why does not this work out of the box, even when Tableau manual says it would?


      Does it have something to do with that, that I am from Finland and my language settings may vary to the Tableau default?







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