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    Tooltip - vanishing values

    Piotr Adamczyk

      Hello Tableau COmmunity!


      I would ask you about some issue with tooltip. I prepared tooltip with many measures inside.

      It's look like that:

      Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-10 o 23.06.52.png


      When I have added to the color new calc field "Execuded Months" my tooltip broke.

      That field looks like: if datetrunc('month',today())>datetrunc('month',[Date]) then "YTD" else "BTG" end and returns color of bars - light blue when months were executed and dark blue when it's not. Simple.

      But if I add it into my marks box my tooltip broke and looks like below:

      Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-10 o 23.06.34.png


      All measures and dimensions are in details and are ready to use it in tooltip. It is interesting that in first 3 months (YTD -light blue) tooltip works fine but in BTG (balance to go - dark blue) doesn't work


      How to fix it?

      Thanks in advance!