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    Send Dashboard to client??

    Rakesh Behera

      How do u send the dashboards to the client??

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          Simon Runc

          hi Rakesh,


          There are 2 basic ways (in which one of them has a few sub-options!).


          So you can either package your workbook up into a .twbx and then either Email/Shared Drive...etc. and they will be able to open (and interact) with the model using the free reader.


          The other way is to distribute over the web, via server. Within this you have 3 (well 2.5 options). One is to use Tableau Server, so you host Tableau Server and can load your dashboards up there, and give clients log-in credentials to access the models you want them to have access to. The other is to use Tableau Online, this works the same as Tabelau Server, but is hosted by Tableau and you pay per user per year. The final (and I say 0.5!) is to use Tableau Public (if the data isn't sensitive, or is publicly available) you can (like the other server options) load dashboards to Tableau Public and your client can access/interact...though anyone can see/interact with these models (it's free).


          Hope that helps.

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            Manideep Bhattacharyya

            Dear Rakesh - Practically speaking, most of the times Clients are more focused with their industry and business, so sending them twbx doesn't help and publishing dashboard to Tableau Public is not an option for obvious security reason.


            The only secure way you can share your dashboard by publishing this onto Tableau Server and provide them the direct link to access the URL. There is a top right corner. Copy that URL and share with your client to avoid any unnecessary questions on accessibility and security.




            link 2.JPG