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    Connect dots on dual line/bar graph


      Hello everyone,


      I have a bar chart in which the x axis is year/quarter of date. I want to layer in a line graph of "Unit Count" but when I add the line, the dots are not connected. I have read that this issue is because "year of date" is a discrete variable and you can change the dates to continuous to then connect the dots; but if I change the dates to continuous then the bar chart is changed and doesn't look correct. Here is a screen shot with the dots I want to connect. Any help is much appreciated.


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          John Sobczak

          Chelsey,  This is not so much about the date as it is about the measures and measure names.  Since you have measure names on the column shelf, and unit count is it's own measure on it's own axis, a line is not physically possible.  Even though it is on its own axis, it still is using the common column shelf segmenting that controls the whole worksheet.

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