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    tabcmd export to PDF "Server only accepts HTTPS"

    Zak Lovely

      I am attempting to use tabcmd export to generate PDF's. I have been successfull using the 'get' command but need to download all the sheets to PDF.


      Here is my command:

      tabcmd export "workbook/view" --pdf -f "\\filepath\Success.pdf"


      I have been successful with

      tabcmd export "workbook/view" --csv-f "\\filepath\Success.csv"

      tabcmd export "workbook/view" --png -f "\\filepath\Success.png"


      When using the --pdf for --fullpdf I get the following message:

      "The server only accepts HTTPS connections. Check the server URL"


      I am logging into the server with the "tabcmd login -s " option so I thought that would fix the issue. I am running version 9000.15.0318.1720 for both TABCMD and the Tableau Server. I have also tried various commands with the  --no-certcheck



      I want to use export because I want to get the full pdf, but I am getting the HTTPS error using --pdf or --fullpdf.




      Any help is greatly appreciated.