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    how to hover over a image to select 'year'?

    Niranjan dakshinamurthy



      I need to click on each image in sheet 1 to get respective years medal tally in sheet 2.

      for example: if i click on image 1 i sheet 1 i need only medal tally in that year .how should I do that?



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          Sharad Adhikari



          You should add action filters. You can add action filter from Dashboard --> Actions --> Filter. Your source sheet will be sheet 1 and destination will be sheet 2.




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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Niranjan,


            Please find the solution workbook on the following link and download the same.




            In your case when you are hovering on the year in sheet 1, tableau is searching for the Year in sheet 2 as well which was missing. Every country has the 7 years of medal. In your case it was aggregating the total medals for all the years. So i have added the year in the color shelf. Now tableau is properly filtering the map data once you hover over the sheet 1.


            if possible please take a look at my notable work.




            Workbook: Kohli T20 Career Summary


            Thanks and Regards

            Ashish Chaudhari.

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              Sankarmagesh Rajan

              Hi Niranjan,


              first create sheets and drag to dashboard.


              Click dashboard menu and select actions.


              Select source as images sheet and target as map.


              right side of your action will display hover, select and menu.

              When we use hover option here,

              1.if we move the cursor in image then it will filter map.

              2. if we use select then we must select any image and then it will filter map

              3. If we use the menu then once the image selected then tooltip will show menu and then we can click menu and get filter data in view.


              Refer actions:

              Click Dashboard actions then it will show below window. click filter or highlight


              Add a new filter action to a dashboard

              You can manually add a new filter action if you do not want to use the Use as Filter option. Adding a filter action manually allows you the flexibility to choose which individual sheets to have filter by the action, whereas Use as Filter filters all the sheets within a dashboard. Filter actions can even filter across different data sources.

              For more information, see Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources.

              To add a new filter action to a dashboard:

              1. Select Dashboard > Actions, then click Add Action.
              2. In the Edit Filter Action dialog box, give the filter a descriptive name.
              3. Select the Source Sheets, Target Sheets, and fields to filter.
              4. Select Hover, Select, or Menu as the trigger to run the action, and then click OK.

              For more information, see Filter Actions in the Tableau Desktop Help.

              Highlight action within a dashboard

              Highlight actions are particularly useful on a dashboard where the highlight provides rich visual interaction between the views on the sheet. Based on the data selection, the related data is highlighted in a variety of other views based on your selection in the current view.

              The Highlight Actions article covers how to add a dashboard action to create the highlight action. Alternatively, you can add a highlight action by using a highlight action on a Color legend like Region or a Shape legend like Products as show in the example below.

              By default, when adding a sheet that has a legend, the highlight action is enabled to highlight all views when a data selection is made. When a selection is made, an auto generated highlight action is created within the Dashboard Actions menu. This is where you can then edit the highlight action. To disable the highlight action, you can remove the action from the Dashboard Actions menu or remove the selection for the highlighter on the Color or Shape legend.

              URL action within a dashboard

              A URL action is a hyperlink that points to a webpage, file, or other web-based resource outside of Tableau. You can use URL actions to link to more information about your data that may be hosted outside of your data source. For example on your organization’s network or on the web.

              To point to a webpage object within a dashboard, add a webpage object to the dashboard and specify the URL, then edit the URL Action to include a URL. If you run the URL action, this webpage will automatically update within the dashboard rather than opening in a web browser. If the URL requires any permissions to access, authentication is handled through the webpage, not by Tableau.

              Note: If you will publish a dashboard that contains a URL action, a best practice is to use thehttps:// protocol with URL actions. If you use http:// in the URL action, and the server on which you publish the dashboard serves files through https://, browsers will not be able to display the external http:// page that the URL action points to.

              To make the link relevant to your data, you can substitute field values of a selection into the URL as parameters. In other words, you can send information about each selected mark or filter setting to a given URL. In the example below, "Product Category" was inserted into the Yahoo.com search URL. Doing this filters the web page object within the dashboard by Product Category. If a web page object is added, then when the URL action is called, it will be rendered in Tableau (the web page object) versus going to an external page.