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    Update measure with multiple parameters

    Alexis Jensen



      I have a table with a number of products with a measure "Prices".  Is there a way to update this measure (or a substitute measure) using a parameter for each product?  I am using the data in a calculation but I need the end user to be able to update the prices on the dashboard.


      I am open to any solution that will work for this.


      Thanks in advance/




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          Hi Alexis,


          Is your prices measure field coming from data source?

          Do you want the user to enter the value so the Prices value will change accordingly like:

          Prices *parameter value is that what you are looking for?


          If that is the requirement then follow below steps:

          1. Create parameter with data type as integer and keep it as All.

          2. Create calculated field and in that add Prices * Parameter

          3. Drag this calculated field on to the row shelf or column shelf and right click on the parameter and show parameter control.


          So based on the user input the chart will change accordingly.

          I hope it is what you are looking for.

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            Alexis Jensen



            What you are describing is not quite what I need. I have a table as per below and I need to able for the price to be user updateable.  The other fields are fixed and the calculated field = ([Price]-[Cost])*[Yield].  I don't want to have to create an individual calculated field per product / parameter.  Is there a way to update the price for A to E?