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    Tableau Parameters with SSAS Cubes

    Amanjot Klair

      Hi Everyone,


      I have been working with Tableau and Cubes for a long time now. Somehow I have always had issues using both of them together in many ways (guess they don't like each other.!!). However I have been able to find a fix to most of my problems and limitations that Tableau offers with SSAS cubes but there is one thing which i still can't figure out and that's using Parameter with Cube dimensions.


      Parameters work very well with measures but they become useless when it comes using them with dimensions. I have been crawling over various posts for a long time and many claim to have provided a solution but none of them works. What i am looking for is to use a parameter to toggle between two different dimension attributes. I even tried that by creating a calculated member but that doesn't works. The only way i could do that is by created a calculated member in the measures hierarchy with the values form Dimension (a non numeric measure is possible to create) and then use those new measure attributes with parameter to toggle but limitation there is that i have to drop the dimension attributes to details shelf so that the values in the measure attributes can be displayed and it has to be both the attributes which partitions the measures values in the view based on both the dimension attributes.



      Has anyone been able to use parameters with cube dimensions ever? If yes can you please share how you worked it out.


      Note:- The posts that i am referring to which claim to provide a solution are outside the community not in the community.