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    Multiple Users using the TBW and TDE

    Nate Jones

      Many of the workbooks that multiple users will use concurrently will lose their TDE connections when you save and then open them back up.


      A similar issue we've had is that when we go through the workbook data screens to refresh the extract the query will run and the workbook will update, but when you look at the TDE's file properties (Windows) it hasn't been updated. When you save the workbook, reopen the workbook, and then reconnect to the TDE files it will show the non-updated extract.


      My guess is that when you have multiple users that it locks the TDE file from being overwritten? Or maybe the first person has the file open, so they can update it, and the others have a local copy created?


      Has anyone else had any issues with this and is there some sort of fix?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          If you don't update underlying TDE file outside of Tableau (or sharing it across multiple workbooks) then you might want to try switching to TWBX files (packaged workbooks) which will create less contention around TDE files. Yes, we do lock it during certain operations.

          Another thing to note - when you update an extract it's actually getting stored in a temp folder until workbook is saved - only at that point original extract file is getting replaced.


          It is also possible that there's some lurking bug in this scenario so if you have more concrete steps I'd be happy to follow up more.



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