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    Dynamic tooltips for map


      Hi ,


      PFA workbook.

      In map tooltip, I need to display quantity against Ship Mode(dimension). This should be dynamic.

      Suppose if we see in Sheet2 ,

      state 'Wyoming' has only 'Standard Class' in Ship mode while 'West Virginia' has 'Standard Class' , 'Same Day' in Ship mode.


      So, in the map, if I hover over 'Wyoming' only 'Standard Class' should be displayed.

      If I hover over  'West Virginia' , 'Standard Class' , 'Same Day' should be displayed.


      But in the calculated fields Standard class, Same Day, I need to use aggregate function  i.e., sum(Quantity) according to my requirement.

      i.e., the below formulae

      I can't use the below formula because of certain requirements.


      Can anyone suggest ideas to achieve this.