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    How to create an insurance "Tower" chart with nested stacked bars?


      Insurance programs are sometimes arranged with layers of cover, each of which sits excess of its underlying layers. E.g, you have a policy with a limit of $1m but above this you have another $10m of cover said to be excess of $1m giving you $11m cover in total.


      This is conventionally shown as a stacked bar. Simple. However, often each layer will be underwritten by several insurers each with a percentage share of the layer. Conventionally this is (manually) drawn as a horizontal stacked bar within each of the vertical stacked bars.


      I am hopeful that there is a way to do this in Tableau but I haven't found it so I'm posting this question. Attached is a Tableau Workbook with some sample data and a Dashboard with examples of the two separate charts I am trying to nest. What I would like to end up with is each of the blue sections of my Layers chart subdivided as per the orange elements of my Insurers chart.