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    Box Plot

    Dhanashree Arole

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I intend to use box plot to display minimum, maximum, median of various metrics created for various levels of details. Is it possible to use box plot for dataset that does not have time dimension. I understand that it needs at least 1 or more measure.


      Here is the layout:


      What I would like to depict is Level of Detail 1 which is types of fiscal year ranging from FY16, FY15, FY14 on X-axis, then Metric1 which is percentage ranging from 9% to 100% on y-axis and finally level of detail from 2 through 4 as stacked marks that have minimum, maximum , 25% quartile, 75% quartile and median.


      Is that possible? Without actual time dimension data? The level of detail 5 is not to be used.


      So as an example, for FY16, I should be able to show 91% as minimum and 95% as maximum for Acquisition as first mark, then next to it stack up Offer with 97% minimum and 97% maximum. The quartiles will hopefully be computed automatically.


      FY16Acquisition700011000Jan 1, 201690%80%
      FY16Acquisition700011000Jun 1, 201691%81%
      FY16Acquisition800011000Feb 1, 201695%85%
      FY16Offer700011000Jan 15, 201697%87%
      FY16Offer800011000Aug 1, 201699%89%