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    Displaying Min and Max Revenue along with their respective years

    Bruce Wayne

      Hi all,

      I had a month of training on Tableau and recently i received an instruction  to create a summary of a set of data. The summary will show the MIN and MAX values in the form of a text table in Tableau.


      Below is the sample data i created


      Group AFY20091000
      Group AFY20105321
      Group AFY20118462
      Group AFY20125000


      Is there a way for me to get the MIN and Max Revenue along with the respective Year?


      My desired output in the form of text table in Tableau:

      Header 1


      I've tried using Min() and Max() on Revenue and it does display the max and min values based on the Group column, but Tableau doesn't display the respective year.


      Is there a way to achieve the aforementioned output. If not is there any workarounds to this?

      Thanks in advance.