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    Calculation to return value based on values in other fields

    Alexis Jensen

      Hi All


      I have a data set similar to the sample table I have shown below.  I need to be able to return the value in the yield field based on the values in product group and component.  Eg: If product group = "Product 1" and If Component = "Component B" then return 2.3.  This value will be used in another calculated field.


      Product GroupComponentYield
      Product 1Component A1.5
      Product 1Component B2.3
      Product 2Component A1.8
      Product 2Component C2.0


      Is my best option to use CASE statements, Nested IF statements or something else?  Or is a nested LOD expression the best way to go?  I will be using several of these, so want to find the most efficient solution.


      I really appreciate your knowledge and help.