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    Appending count to a dimension

    John Victor

      I have a request to show a grid of document names, the users who have opened the document, and the total number of users in a grid.


      I was thinking of doing something like this:
           Doc Name     |      User Name

      "Doc1 - 8 users" |     User Name 1

                                 |     User Name 2

                                 |     ...

                                 |     User Name 8

      "Doc2 - 3 users" |     User Name 1


      and so on.


      But I can't figure out how to append the count distinct to the Doc Name dimension.


      I've tried things like

      [Doc Name] + STR({[Count of Users]})

      [Doc Name] + STR({FIXED [Doc Name]:[Count of Users]})


      but it always comes back as Null. Has anyone done this before?