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    Layout container and other browser display issues

    Seth Walters

      Hello all, I'm Seth, and I am a frequenter of the forums but this is my first official post.

      I'd like to say first that I appreciate the feedback of this active community. So thanks everyone!


      What I'm doing

      When designing my dashboards for my company, I often use floating layout containers (horizontal mostly) so that I can place borders around objects and precisely position them to keep the dashboard clean.

      Some of my sheets are in these containers (the ones with borders) and some are not (the green and blue squares).

      I have spaced all of my objects 6 units apart. As you can see below in Tableau Desktop, everything is equally spaced. I think it looks decent.


      What I'm experiencing (the problem)

      When I publish my dashboard to Tableau Server, the spacing between my objects messes up and no longer looks like it did in Tableau Desktop.

      It appears that the spacing between normal objects is fine such as my sheets not in containers. However, it seems that the layout containers are not spaced correctly anymore.

      Also, the quick filters and parameters do not display properly either and seem to have shifted up on the dashboard.


      What I know (or have done)

      I have crawled the forums and have Googled tirelessly looking for solutions before posting.

      I currently running Tableau Desktop and Server 9.0.1.

      I have been hounding our Tableau admin team to upgrade us, feeling that one of the 20 something revisions/updates could resolve this.

      This issue is:

      - reproducible.

      - occurring for me on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and happens on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

      - not specific to this workbook and appears across all of my workbooks with any of my Data Sources.

      - consistent regardless of the display resolution. I have looked on laptops, monitors and a plethora of conference room screens.

      - occurs on both our development and production Tableau Servers.


      My Experience (I don't know all that much so I'm sure I'm missing something that's already known)

      Tableau Desktop 9 for only 10 months.

      Tableau Fundamentals, Advanced, and Visual Analytics Courses.

      Tableau Conference 2015


      Thank you everyone for looking at this. I appreciate it!





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          Joe Oppelt

          Upgrade won't help this (as far as I know.)


          I float everything too.  And yes, when I publish, at times I find things a few pixels off from where I placed them in Desktop.  And when real estate is tight on the dashboard (and stuff is carefully positioned to fit it all in) those little shifts can look like earthquake fissures sometimes.


          One thing that helps me is to start with a specific initial dashboard size.  We do everything here on "iPad Landscape" because a lot of people view our dashboards on iPads. (And that size also renders very nicely on a desktop or laptop.)  For some reason that I cannot explain, the shifting is not as frequent (but still annoying) here.


          I recommend that you publish frequently as you go along.  Don't craft a masterpiece to completion before publishing the first time.  See how it looks as you go.  It saves you the mistake of basing subsequent positionings on something that will move -- potentially knocking everything else out of kilter.


          And don't rely on the "Presentation Mode" icon to show you in Desktop what it will look like when published.  You have to publish it for real to know.

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            Seth Walters

            Alrighty, so I found a fix for the incorrect border size! It's very simple and it's somewhat sad that it took me this long to realize it.


            All you need to do is change the size of your horizontal or vertical layout container to be bigger than the actual size you want then adjust the location it's at slightly.


            Here's an example.

            If I want the dimensions and location to be:

            x: 1012     y: 79

            w: 128      h: 128


            then I need to adjust the actual size to:

            x: 1008     y: 75

            w: 136      h: 136


            In other words, you need to change the size by:

            x:  -4 (move to the left 4 units)

            y:  -4 (move to the left 4 units)

            w: +8 (make the layout container width 8 units larger)

            h: +8 (make the layout container height 8 units larger)

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