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    Action filter is not playing well with quick filters - have to re-select a county each time a quick filter is changed (Desktop 9.2.6)

    Jen Shepherd



      I have a dashboard with two maps and a data table, and several quick filters - all from the same data source.  I am using the maps as an action filter to limit data in the table, and I have three quick filters that filter data in the maps as well as the table.  It works as intended upon initial selection - choosing a county in either map limits the table to only the agencies in that county, and the maps and table reflect only the data based on the three quick filters.   I want the county selection from a map to "hold" so the user can cycle through as many of the quick filter options as they desire before choosing a new county.  Instead, as soon as a different option is chosen from any of the three quick filters, the county selection goes away and all counties are enabled again. 


      All three quick filters are applied to all worksheets on the dashboard.


      I've read many help articles, blogs, community posts, the Desktop manual, etc. and can't find anyone else having this problem or a description of what I should be doing differently.  I also downloaded two workbooks from others (including Superstore) with similar design and don't see the difference between how they're using an action filter and quick filters and what I'm doing.  Or where there are differences, doing it the same way they did doesn't fix my problem.


      A packaged workbook is attached.  The dashboard in question is called "By Location".   One county was pulled out separately into its own map because otherwise its data overshadows all other counties in the state, making the map coloring monotone and hiding trends.  I want both maps to be used the same way - limit the data table to just the agencies in the chosen county or counties, and all be filtered by the three quick filters.


      This may not be an exhaustive list (I've been trying to fix this for awhile) but I've tried these variations and none have worked as I would like:

      *Limiting the map action filter target field as County ("Location v2")

      *I added an additional action filter from the data table to the data table, with target field as County ("Location v3")

      *clearing selection will Leave the Filter for the action filter ("Location v4")

      *I tried following the advice in this post (Syncing a Quick Filter with a Dashboard Filter Action | Tableau Software ) but ended up with a filter that had all possible combinations across 72 counties and all the options in all three quick filter...which looks ridiculous, is non intuitive, and is a painfully long list.  Let me know if this was on the right track but I need to do something differently to have three separate quick filters.


      Our end users are going to be interested in exploring data within a specific county and could quickly grow frustrated having to re-select that county over and over.  Could someone please help me figure out why my workbook is behaving this way and how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance!