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    Dashboard Filters... I only want to control THIS dashboard

    jon rios

      When adding Filters to a dashboard the way the filter controls the dashboards (worksheets) is awkward.  What is missing is the ability for 1 filter to control many worksheet Viz (shared filter) for ONLY 1 specific Dashboard.  Which will allow me to use have another dashboard(2) with same Viz worksheet that is not effected by first dashboard(1)


      1. I have 2 dashboards they both contain the same Viz.  I can control ALL worksheets in different dashboards by selecting " all data sources".

      2. I can select specific worksheets regardless of what dashboard it resides (disconnects a worksheet from filter)

      3. I can select this specific worksheet Viz where filter came from (only connects 1 worksheet to filter, from where it was selected)


      My goal is to NOT have a filter on 1 dashboard effect worksheet Viz on another dashboard. BUT also have ability to use 1 filter on 2 worksheet viz of same dashboard.  Hope I made sense.