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    Need a solution for one of my requirement

    Baskar Subbian

      Hi Everyone,

      Currently I am facing a problem in one of the report development. Any solution along with a sample workbook would great help to me. Here is my problem.


      My business issue cards to the customers. Started issuing cards from 20013


      Example 2013 have issued 100 cards,

      2014 have issued 200 cards

      2015 have issued 320 cards. and in 2016 have issued Jan 20 cards, Feb 34 cards and mar 21 cards


      My report is a monthly cumulative report with Year and month filter


      Suppose my user selects 2016 feb I need to show


      (100+200+320+20)     (100+200+320+20+34)

      January                         February    

      640                                   674


      If my user selects 2016 March


      (100+200+320+20)     (100+200+320+20+34)     (100+200+320+20+21)

      January                         February                         March

      640                                   674                                   695


      Basically I need to sum up from my start of business to till the selected year and month how many cards I have issued? Similarly If my user selects 2015 August.

      eight columns in my report (Jan to August) cumulative sum from 2013 onward.


      Is this requirement achievable in Tableau.

      Kindly help with sample workbook will be much appreciated.