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    Assign filters to specific measures

    Mary Brauch


      I have a dashboard which requires a parameter (and it's calculated fields) to determine the correct date for that measure. This works fine when I have one measure in one worksheet. However, I have one worksheet that has multiple measures. Some of which require one date over the other and the way my parameter is built I apply my calculated field as a filter to enable it on that worksheet. Trouble is I can't apply two of them at the same time as it would conflict.


      Is there a way to assign the filters to those specific measures or somehow build another calculation that is similar to: IF parameter set 1 THEN [Measure].? I've tried this but I run in to issues with "mixing aggregates and non-aggregates" as my parameter set is a boolean.


      I don't think there is a solution for this but thought I'd ask anyways...


      Example of my parameter and calc sets (for just one date variation, I have 5):

           Paramater Reporting Date:

                Value of 1 - Display as January 2015


           Report Date Set 1 Single Month:

                CASE [Reporting Date] WHEN 1 THEN (IF [DATEFIELD] = DATE("1/31/2015") THEN [DATEFIELD] END) END


           Report Date Set 2 Single Month:

                CASE [Reporting Date] WHEN 1 THEN [DATEFIELD] END


           Report Date Set Boolean:

                Report Date Set 1 = Report Date Set 2 (this is used as a filter and set to true to enable the parameter selection)


      Thanks in advance.