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    Date format in parameters

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All!

      I'm building a dashboard, in which I have 2 date parameters - "From Date" and "To Date".

      The dates' format is mm/dd/yyyy and I want to convert it into dd/mm/yyyy.

      I managed doing so where the dates are seen on the graphs themselves, but I couldn't change it in the parameters.

      I already changed the date format in the date field itself, and I've also changed the format in the parameter definition  - and yet, I keep seeing the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.


      In the attached screenshot you can see the parameter definition and how I actually see the date in my dashboard.



      If anyone has another advice for me - it'll be great

      Thank you!!

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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Matan,


          I have ran into this a few times. I can only get this to work if use the range/list options. I believe this is because the type in is independently formatted fixed based on someone's region. The US does it different from Europe etc.  If you allow allow a range and put it on a Slider it will work. I cannot tell you know exactly why or if it will be fixed but I can give you that workaround. For whatever reason it must be on a slider and I really believe this is intended so that the type in works based on the end-users region.



          Carl Slifer


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