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    filtering without affecting the results (% of total )

    gogineni vishal

      Hi All .


      I have the following problem.


      I would want tableau to filter the view without affecting the percentage of table calculation in the graph .


      2016-04-06 10_13_25-Tableau - Problem with filering.png


      So in the above view : Calculation1 is a calculated field using the following forumla:


      IF [Category]="Furniture" OR [Sub-Category]= "Tables" THEN "Furniture/Tables"

      ELSEIF [Category]="Technology" OR  [Sub-Category]="Phones" THEN " Tech/Phones"

      ELSE "None"



      The sum of records has percentage of total selected across the table.


      So here i want to select the calculation1 in filter and when i select furniture then i want to see "15.01% " That is displayed in the above view and not the one shown below:




      Please help !