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    Filtering action dashboard for dimension not included in the graph

    Francesco Dall'Asta

      Hi all,


      I would like to display a dashboard describing the process underlying the management of unpaid invoices. I have two graphs, one referring to one time filter, another referring to another.

      I would like to use the first graph as a filter for the second. That means that clicking on a section of the first graph would allow the users to see the same sets of invoices in another time frame (for example, after some months).


      This would be great to monitor the status of the invoices, and to check whether a set of invoices have been paied or changed in 'managing status' during an amount of time.


      The problem here is that when I use the first graph as a filter, I filter out all the rows that are not referring to the same time. On the contrary I would like to filter for the underlying invoices rather than for a precise 'managing status' or  other dimensions IN the graph, other wise the filter for the second graph is not hitting the point.


      This would be the graph form, with sum of Credit differentiated by 'managing status' and ageing.

      I can provide additional detail if it is not clear.


      Thanks so much,