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    Include multiple paths using path shelf pattern analysis

    joe sparty



      I'm using the example from the knowledgeable with airport locations; Using the Path Shelf for From - To Pattern Analysis | Tableau Software


      I have successfully created a direct flight map pattern, I want to create a connection flight map pattern.  I have created the data source to reflect all possible combinations and looks like this:


      DLSAT to ATLSAT29.533694-98.469778ATL1
      DLSAT to ATLSAT33.636719-84.428067ATL2
      DLATL to CMHATL33.636719-84.428067CMH3
      DLATL to CMHATL39.997972-82.891889CMH4


      I'd like to be able to label direct flights vs. connections.  In the example above you can't get from SAT to ATL would be a direct and SAT to CMH would be a connection.  If I select ATL I want to see 1 line, if I sleet CMH I want to see 2 lines.  Is this possible?


      Thank you for the suggestions,