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    Tableau and Salesforce Integration

    Mark Teasdale



      I am very new to Tableau but know Salesforce quite well.  We have a requirement to surface pdf and excel reports to either tableau or Salesforce.


      My original idea is that because the wider audience can access tableau and the raw data files that back the reports can be quite large is to load the data into tableau server and export the analytics to Salesforce via the canvas.  I believe most of the reports are readonly but some may be dynamic


      Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of this solution.  A problem I can see is that if a report is changed can the change be communicated back to tableau which will then make a change to the data.  I only want one system to master the data hopefully tableau.



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          Alan Asher

          Hello Mark,


          Tableau has a native Salesforce connector which makes it a breeze to connect to your Salesforce environment.  Since Tableau does not support a live connection to Salesforce, it creates a local data extract and you will have to work with your Tableau Server Administrator to figure out refresh intervals.  So far we have had no need to store Salesforce data on the Tableau Server....


          We have had great success using Tableau and Salesforce together, feel free reach out anytime!