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    Employee Heat Map from Start Time and Duration

    Zachary Koch

      Hello World,

      I have data from an employee scheduling program that includes name, date, start time, end time, and duration.  I would like to use this to show cumulative staffing levels in a heat map.  I'm relatively new to Tableau but having troubles with a good solution.  Anyone have any thoughts?


      Scheduling Data (example):

      *Note some shifts start on one day, but continue to the following day.

      Agent Name

      Start Time
      End Time
      Steve3/1/20166:00 AM11:45 AM5.75
      Tom3/1/20167:30 AM12:30 PM5.00
      John3/1/20169:00 AM2:00 PM5:00
      Kerry3/1/201610:00 PM3:00 AM5:00
      Steve3/2/20169:00 AM12:45 PM3.75


      Desired Heat Map (example) - Shows the cumulative number of staffing hours per hour and day of week: