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    How to create percent difference column with several mesures in rows?

    Olya Makarova

      Hello everyone!

      I need to present data about several measures (uv, vv) by several categories (platform) in comparasion of yesturday and week before.

      And I need present percent difference for every row.

      How can I do that?

      The closest thing I can do is the following:


      Can I make cell calculation in tableau? Something like (=c2/b2*100) and then expand for every row in Exel?


      With help of this tutorial: Adding a Calculated Column to a View | Tableau Software

      I get this dashboard: 20160405-20m-41kb.jpg

      It look exactli as i need, BUT there are 2 different not connected tables, they just visually aligned.

      I need it to be in 1 table... Is it possible?


      ps example updated


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