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    Dynamic Dual Axis Chart with Cascading Parameter

    Debtanay Laha



      Need urgent help on this!!


      We have some data like this:

      For 5 years, we have data for 3 Primary KPIs at the Department level. For each KPI there are 5 different Sub KPIs. (All KPIs are measured in different units, no summation or roll up possible.)


      I want to plot in a single graph:

      • Primary Axis: Any Primary KPI say, KPI 1
      • Secondary Axis: User can select any one of the 5 sub KPIs under KPI 1 (cascading dropdown depending on Primary KPI Selection)
      • X-Axis: Years


      Is this doable in Tableau? If yes, how should I arrange the data?

      Please note:

      I have seen dynamic dual axis charts with parameters, but this problem is different in the following way:

      1. Need for cascading dropdown for sub KPI selection
      2. The sub KPIs are all with different units (no summation possible). The 5 Sub KPIs are totally different for each Primary KPI.


      Any help with examples will be greatly appreciated!!