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    Refresh Schedule for workbook failed with 2 extracts - one from Excel, one from SQL DB. How to deal with it?

    Egor Larin

      Hello community!



      My scenario is:

      • I have a workbook with 2 data sources - first is Extract from Excel file, second is Extract from SQL DB
      • While publishing workbook to Tableau Server I made a Refresh Schedule
      • After some time my Schedule was failed. The reason is that Tableau Server was trying to update my first Extract from Excel file and I knew that it will fail
      • Also Tableau Server didn't run update for second one from SQL DB and my whole workbook was 'out of date'



      • Is it possible to ignore Updates for first Extract from Excel and proceed update only for second Extract from SQL DB? Any chance to proceed with Refresh for that structure of workbook?
      • Can it be like 'feature request' for Tableau Server to specify the Refresh Schedule for certain Data Source in workbook? Like 'I want Schedule for Extract from SQL but not Schedule for Extract from Excel File?


      Only possible workaround that I found:

      Make a Second Extract from SQL DB as Published Data Source on Tableau Server with separate Update Schedule and build the workbook with that one instead of using Embedded Extract and Refresh Schedule in Workbook (publish workbook without any Refresh Schedule)

      Tell me please if there are any other ways to deal with it.



      Any thoughts?