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    Tooltips and Bar Charts (Hover) - Workaround until Viz within Viz is released

    Michael Weber



      We recently began testing 9.3 and I was hoping the new viz within a viz was going to be available as mentioned at TC15.  On a dashboard I have a worksheet that I would like to use a hover function to display another worksheet.  I do not think this is option is available yet so I am playing with the idea of using a tooltip to hover a bar graph. Attached is a sample workbook. I have 3 questions (apologies for the lengthy post).


      1) Any idea how I can display the percentages on the tooltip bar chart?  For instance, I would like to see 30% next to apples, 40% next to oranges, etc.

      2) What happens if my dimensions change over time?  Do i need to manually go into a workbook each time and update the cohort calculations?  This creates a workbook versioning problem

      3) In some cases I may have both negative and positive values so this solution is not ideal.  Any other suggestions on how to handle?  Currently, I just action to another dashboard to show the detail and then have a button which brings the user back to the original dashboard, but I would ideally like to stay on one dashboard.


      Thank you very much!!!