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    How does a Data Source in Tableau Online actually get refreshed?

    Jacob Koelker

      Sorry if this has already been posted but I just started working with Tableau at a company that I just started working at.


      I'd love to know how our Tableau Online Data Sources actually get refreshed? Like at a granular level if possible....


      Here's our setup:


      We use a Windows Virtual Machine via a VPN that is setup to use Tableau Desktop and has all the .tde and .tds files that correspond to the Data Source we use in our Tableau Online account (we don't use Tableau Server- just Tableau online and we don't use a live connection- just extracts). We also use Windows Task Scheduler to run .bat files using the Tableau Command Line overnight to make a PDI call to our company's database and refresh the Data Sources in our Tableau Online account. My biggest question is how do the local .tde and .tds files on that Windows VM play into refreshing the Data Sources in Tableau Online? Bonus points if you can lay out for me how the data gets from point A to point B where point A is my company's database and point B is the refreshed corresponding Data Source in Tableau Online step by step including how the .tde and .tds files play into the process...if at all..... \


      Sorry if I forgot to give you any information that you might need to answer this question. Just let me know and I'll pass it along.


      Thanks a million- this place is the best.

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          Jennifer Lynch

          Hi Jacob,


          Great question!


          I am a Deployment Advisor at Tableau and I would like to answer this question in a step by step guide through this process.


          Step 1. You save the TDE file on the VM system behind the firewall of the VPN


          Step 2. You publish the TDE to your Tableau Online site


          Step 3. You schedule the refresh using the Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility or (tabcmd)


          Step 4. The scheduled time arrives and the utility runs your command, which goes out to your file location of the saved TDE file


          Step 5. The utility then posts that copy to your Online site, overwriting the original published version


          Point A is the connection that you make to your companies database and that connection information such as server IP or name is saved inside the TDE file. This contains the connection string and any embedded credentials you enter when you create and save the extract.


          Point B is publishing that file as an extracted Data Source to your Tableau Online site


          Point C is where you use the tabcmd utility to connect to the published extract of the data source, which contains the connection information to your data source


          Point D is when the utility uses the file location that has been saved inside of your published extract to grab the file and re-post it to Tableau Online where it overwrites the original data extract


          Please let me know if you need any more detail or have any further questions.




          Jenny Lynch