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    Tableau Migration across DB

    vinoth kumar

      Hi Team,


           We were connecting tableau to Hp Vertica DB and now vertica is replaced by SAP HANA, but the data which Tableau deals with is going to be same. It is just an Database switch. The customer needs the same visualization. What are all the factors should I consider in this task?

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          Hi Vinoth,

          When switching the databases some of the points as mentioned needs to noted:

          1. The column names(field) should be same as used in Tableau and also should be same in new database (also field data type should be same) as well.

          2. Once the database is switched the quick filters will be removed, so keep note of the what are the filters used in sheet level(report) as well as at database level.

          3. Keep note of the any new calculated field have created, when the database is switched there might be chances that it will show as a error or not valid, so for that again needs to edit the calculated field and check whether it is correct or not.

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            vinoth kumar

            Thanks a lot for your answers!